And so it Goes

My name is Nour. I’m 17, and I live in Beirut. I’m a Fine Arts student and a procrastinator. I’ve been waiting until I finish school so that I can start a blog that’ll hopefully get me to write more. This blog will mainly contain things related to art in its various forms, whether it’s writing, painting, music, and filming, etc. because, come to think about it, I have a thing for all arts known to mankind.

I’m a language fan as well – I know Arabic, English, Persian, and a little bit German, Japanese, and Italian. And will soon get to learn Russian. I actually see languages as the core of our being. But anyway, I’m hopefully going to keep up with this blog and not neglect it like the gazillion ones I had created and dumped before – that is, by using it to share my progress in literature and some other random things. (:


~ by Núr on July 4, 2012.

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  2. I LOVE YOU TOO. <33333333


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