♣ No. V ~ Meditative Rose

Back to Dali, because I just love this guy so much.

You can find a small biography about Salvador Dali here.

Salvador Dali

This painting is something of a mystery coming from an artist whom his work usually reflects, mainly, nightmare and dream-like ideas, if I may say. Here, instead of just having a pretty picture, we can notice that there’s a paranoiac method due to absent crutches and stretched forms. Some say that Dali was actually showing off his artsy skills at time when he and many other artists were leaning more and more towards the abstract style in their paintings. Maybe it’s because, back then, he was preparing himself for the “Homage of Surrealism Exhibition”, which Joan Miro and Andre Breton had asked him to share in and represent Spain.

Meditative Rose (Rosa Meditativa) 1958
Oil on canvas 36 x 28 cm

Now, as for the painting itself, then it’s a memory of the Om /Aum Symbol floating in the sky above a bare and uninhabited landscape. The rose may actually be there in order to convey a message of love to a year that saw the world drowning in the sea of revolution. Or, another way to look at the rose – to Dali, the rose symbolized a female, sexual organs, and menstruation as well. Also, as we all know, red usually shows passion, as well as the possibility of it being related to death. Thing is, I think this rose shows the love of the two people standing under it (on the right-ish-bottom side of the painting). It shows how their relationship – love – is strong and intense. The water droplet on the rose petal, to me, conveys pureness and honesty of the relationship between these two lovers. So, I believe this painting shows Dali’s love for Gala.


~ by Núr on August 25, 2012.

2 Responses to “♣ No. V ~ Meditative Rose”

  1. I enjoy reading your blog because your posts are amazing and your writing style is very captivating. Keep it up! :*


  2. I’ve written about this painting too and come to a similar conclusion regarding the rose representing the couple’s love, though I think the painting also hints at the idea that they are overwhelmed by what they have created: http://thehauntedshoreline.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/three-roses/


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