Late Night/Early Morning Thoughts

Improvisation is the best way to get the idea flow, methinks. So, why not? Here’s something I just filled the blankness of the text box with.

i remember
when heavy clouds loomed over our city
and turned its gray hues grayer with each drop of rain.

i remember how after the clouds were dry,
they parted to let the last hints of moonlight illuminate
every breathing thing.
lovers. birds. trees. a white-winged butterfly.
me with my cigarette and smog and warm chair
and the early morning frost invading the air.

then the city turned white and everything became camouflaged in pureness once more.

i lost the butterfly in a masking color.

it was time for me to go inside and paint and wait
until night comes back again.

CopyScape - No for Plagiarism


~ by Núr on July 29, 2013.

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