♦ Poem No. V ~ Stationery


The moon did not become the sun.
It just fell on the desert
in great sheets, reams
of silver handmade by you.
The night is your cottage industry now,
the day is your brisk emporium.
The world is full of paper.

Write to me.

About the Author:

Agha Shahid Ali [1949 – 2001]

Aga Shahid Ali (February 1949, New Delhi, India – 8 December 2001 Amherst, Massachusetts) was born in Kashmir – which was famous for its natural beauty – and grew up in a household where poetry was recited in Persian, Urdu and Hindi as well as in English. From this richly complex background, Aga Shahid Ali has drawn inspiration, made more poignant by the bloody conflict that is slowly destroying the land of his birth. At home in Western Massachusetts for over ten years, he is the author of several collections of poetry, including A Walk Through the Yellow Pages, The Half-Inch Himalayas (Wesleyan UP, 1987), The Beloved Witness (Viking, 1992), A Nostalgist’s Map of America (Norton, 1991), and The Country Without a Post Office (Norton, 1997). He has also published a translation, from Urdu, of selected poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, with the University of Massachusetts Press (1995). In a searching and wide-ranging interview, he reads and comments on his life and poetry.

One of his collections, Rooms Are Never Finished, was a finalist for the National Book Award in 2001.

The University of Utah Press awards the Agha Shahid Ali Poetry Prize annually “in memory of a celebrated poet and beloved teacher”.


~ by Núr on August 4, 2013.

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