Dim Lights


digest another hallucination─

look in the mirror and tell me this is not your future that you’re seeing: the torn wallpaper, the beat up mattress, cracked tiles in the kitchen floor… the dinner table for two with the second seat filled with holy books and scrolls.

is that how you want to live? Don’t lie to yourself─your wrinkles know better. you should know better. you let your jasmines die. everything around you is dead. the spiders. the air. the colors. you are living behind a blue filter and there’s not enough light in the room for some drama. it’s so dull. so dark.

don’t let your soul die.

change out of your rags and a get a new mirror. there’s still a sun outside. just part your curtains─save yourself

i smile. the corner of my lips catches an escaping tear. i move away from the mirror.

i love it here.

i’m staying here.

cradled in my sins.


~ by Núr on February 28, 2017.

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