My First Art Exhibition!

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Extremely honoured and thrilled to be taking part in the Tints of Resilience group exhibition at P21 Gallery in London. I will keep this short as I’ve already posted on my other personal blog. So if you might be interested in attending (which would honestly make me extremely happy), do check out the original post on my other blog. Here’s a link. Have a lovely day everyone! And hope to see some of you there!38754399_1962640120423120_6388149440548438016_n


Colette’s Mountain (Before the Idle Days)

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March 20, 1984.

and we lay in a bed
of spring flowers.

my dress,
wrinkled on the floor,
and the light
of an idle morning in venice
highlighted the silk
stained with the consequence
of love.


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“If you look backward, you see a nightmare.
If you look forward, you become the nightmare.”
I, in arched lips,
watched passions die,
saw the beasts swallow their eyes,
justifying to the world why they’re blind

with deception that bled red smoke
digging its way into the soil,
nestling into our very existence, it coils
in our lungs like a parasitic host

so we inhaled the carbon truths until our throats were clattered,
and scraped our necks until they were bare and battered.

and the beasts still spoke, and we waged wars,
carbon-stained liquid gushing from silent cores,
marking the skin of deceived minds—
“it was for the sake of our pride” that we

traded lungs for taut drums, for eyes blanketed with pyre—
let the liar smoke to the bone, let him choke on his noose
knit from a steel-spun reel of ruse
until our souls turn skyward, set loose.

we hoped for a utopia and trusted the blind to march us through,
and mourned, with blood-caked throats, the days we lusted for a promised life, man-made.
we deserved for our ashes to be scattered on peaks
for we saw the hatred as it grew,
so we crawled, breathless, under the acid rain, hoping it would wash our souls anew.

5. Secrets, whispered No.2

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he breathed five words into my ear,
“i’ll wait for you there”

then slept forever.

4. Love

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Played around with rhyming words though it wasn’t my first intention but why not.

Your body is a temple and i,
a desperate sinner crawling into your shrine

i kneel before the tenderness of your flushed breasts
and the velvet lips mumbling prayers, staining my chest

you love the way i lie, and i lie
beneath the curves and your whispering eye,

you moan deep under your breath to my tongue-slips
and my most meaningless chatters—

confessions and dark matters,
darker than the darkest of night,
our bodies ripple against the dim red lights—rhythmic like a religious chant,
divine like god, blessed by a devil that settled inside our hearts—i twist before your heaved moans;
you are my exorcist, washed out of sin and carved from roman stone.

you play my silent flute and i am a krishna at your feet.

craving the sweat trickling down your frame,
i gather the drips with my trembling lip like holy water
cleansing me from fear and shame
and when the hymn is over i lay you on my torso
like the holy book, one last prayer
for my atheism to be shattered and shook.

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