5. Secrets, whispered No.2

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he breathed five words into my ear,
“i’ll wait for you there”

then slept forever.

4. Love

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Played around with rhyming words though it wasn’t my first intention but why not.

Your body is a temple and i,
a desperate sinner crawling into your shrine

i kneel before the tenderness of your flushed breasts
and the velvet lips mumbling prayers, staining my chest

you love the way i lie, and i lie
beneath the curves and your whispering eye,

you moan deep under your breath to my tongue-slips
and my most meaningless chatters—

confessions and dark matters,
darker than the darkest of night,
our bodies ripple against the dim red lights—rhythmic like a religious chant,
divine like god, blessed by a devil that settled inside our hearts—i twist before your heaved moans;
you are my exorcist, washed out of sin and carved from roman stone.

you play my silent flute and i am a krishna at your feet.

craving the sweat trickling down your frame,
i gather the drips with my trembling lip like holy water
cleansing me from fear and shame
and when the hymn is over i lay you on my torso
like the holy book, one last prayer
for my atheism to be shattered and shook.

3. Prayers

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i found god in him one night when i had too much liquor on my lips,

he said: i’d like to hold your frail frame in my palms
and read your tattoos like the bible

he lit a candle or two and pressed his chest against mine
‘til the wax melted down and scarlatti ran out of sonatas to recite,
‘til the sun rose through the window behind him,
holy like a halo, made him angelic –
lay in silence and pride,
‘til we couldn’t mumble any prayers no more.

2. Highway 70 to Topeka, Kansas

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i knew god had died

when i fell to the bathroom floor,
blood staining the tiles under cheap flickering lights,
gapped mouth and pinned like jesus

while you went out for a smoke, adjusted your collar,
and drove off in my car.

1. Night of an Atheist [NaPoWriMo 2017]

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she was dressed in her linen robe,
half-naked underneath and resting in her chair
brushing her red hair

– the chill seeping through the creaking door
as he opened it made her so delicate fingers
tremble and she put the comb away.

– stepping in, he watched the candle light
flutter on her cheeks lips and collarbone
like a butterfly on rosebuds.

he unfastened her robe and
let it slip off her shoulders.

she smiled.

her shoulders quivered
within his warm palms and
he kissed her neck

where the cross hung just above her breasts.

why do you still wear it?

he held it with the tip of his fingers.

it doesn’t mean much to you. why should you
care? her eyes, so bright and almost colorless in the candle light.

it does to you. I reckon when I walk out of this door,
you shall pray for your god’s mercy?

she stroked his cheek, her lips
gently rolled over his like lake-ripples.

shall pray for you
to find peace.

Secrets, whispered – No. 1

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with wine-stained lips she whispered,
want me like time.

Dim Lights

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digest another hallucination─

look in the mirror and tell me this is not your future that you’re seeing: the torn wallpaper, the beat up mattress, cracked tiles in the kitchen floor… the dinner table for two with the second seat filled with holy books and scrolls.

is that how you want to live? Don’t lie to yourself─your wrinkles know better. you should know better. you let your jasmines die. everything around you is dead. the spiders. the air. the colors. you are living behind a blue filter and there’s not enough light in the room for some drama. it’s so dull. so dark.

don’t let your soul die.

change out of your rags and a get a new mirror. there’s still a sun outside. just part your curtains─save yourself

i smile. the corner of my lips catches an escaping tear. i move away from the mirror.

i love it here.

i’m staying here.

cradled in my sins.

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